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Here’s how it works.

Own a brand new, motorized scooter for an affordable monthly payment and we’ll outfit you with gear and take care of your regular maintenance till it’s paid off. Let MyCityRides help you get somewhere!

Step 1

Fill out an application

Fill out our online application. When it's approved, you’ll receive an email with a link to sign up for Scooter School.

Step 2

Go to scooter school

During class - you’ll get the instruction and practice you need to prepare for the licensing test and safely own and operate a scooter.

Step 3

Pass your road test

We’ll coordinate a time for you to go to the DMV to test for your Class M Endorsement (the license required to drive a scooter). You’ll take a 30 question written test, then hop on a scooter we provide for a road test.

Step 4

Pick up your scooter

After you pass your test, you'll pick up your scooter and temporary tag. We'll work with you (or your employer) to set up your monthly payments.

Step 5

You're ready to ride

Take to the streets as an official MyCityRides flyer. Ride to work, run errands, participate in our group rides - it's up to you.

See how much you'll save when you scoot.

Owning a MyCityRides scooter costs about $0.14 per mile. That’s cheaper than owning a car, booking a ride share, or taking the bus round-trip.

Up to... $ 3,050.00 per year
Buy a Scooter

Reliable ride. Affordable price.

Our program includes all you need to get and stay on the road. Own a brand new motorized scooter, plus the training, maintenance and gear you need to hit the road.

Same commute, better views.

We all have to go to work, run errands and get around town. On a MyCityRides scooter, getting there gets a lot more fun.

Give your team a perk that works.

MyCityRides makes it easy for you to offer your employees access to reliable transportation by letting them join our program through payroll deductions.

We believe that working people should have access to transportation that’s reliable, affordable, and gives them the freedom to get where they need to go.

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Get to know your new ride.

Our flyers ride SYM Fiddle III scooters. Sure, they look cool — but they’re also seriously powerful.

Jet 14

36 months as low as $149

Fiddle IV

36 months as low as $139

Used Fiddle III's Available

24 months as low as $90

Brandon Bland

MyCityRides is a great way to simplify my life. I now have the freedom to direct some of those finances that used to go to gas, car payment and insurance to other day-to-day expenses. By far the biggest advantage to scooting is peace of mind. Knowing that I am in a better financial place now is a big relief. MyCityRides gets you directly into a friendly, knowledgeable, and fun community that is there to get you where you need to go!

Khalil Castal

Scooting grants me freedom with the self-efficacy of having stable, cost-effective transportation. I now have a greater chance to explore all avenues that will help me as a graduating senior. I owe it all to MyCityRides’ mission to make Memphians scoot.

Fran Anthony

I joined because I was intrigued and excited by the promotion MyCityRides did at my job. Even though I live a little farther from work than I would like, I knew it would be nice to have a scooter at home too for short errands, and just to joy ride. Scooting gets me out of the house enjoying the fresh air. I’m actually becoming somewhat of an outdoor girl!”

Help your employees get to work.

It’s tough to find great employees. And, it’s hard to keep them if they’re unable to get to work consistently due to limited public transit, long commutes or lack of transportation. When you partner with MyCityRides, your employees can own affordable, reliable motorized scooters through payroll deductions.

Become a Partner

Photo of a MyCityRides partner wearing a helmet.

Give someone a lift.

By offering scooters at a fixed cost, we make getting to work easy and affordable. But we can’t do it alone. Your donations help us provide working Memphians with scooters, gear, and training.

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