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When you purchase a MyCityRides scooter, you get more than a ride - you help someone else fly.

Buying a scooter outright helps provide a ride to a Flyer in need.

We sell scooters to people who want to purchase them. And, when you buy a scooter outright, you offset the cost of a scooter, training, insurance and gear for someone going through the lease-to-own program.

As a buyer, you’ll be responsible for getting a Class M driver’s license (it’s the law) but don’t worry, we’ll offer you a free pass to scooter school! You’ll also be responsible for paying for your tags, insurance and gear. We offer stylish gear and reliable maintenance at reasonable rates. 

To purchase a scooter, complete the form below.

Then, we’ll set up a time for you to come by our office during business hours to pick out your scooter and complete your paperwork.

See How Much You'll Save When You Scoot

Buying your MyCityRides scooter costs as little as $105 per month. At 89 miles to the gallon filling up is much cheaper than owning a car, and more efficient than taking the bus round-trip.

Up to... $ 1,945.81 per year
Buy a Scooter

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