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Flyer Since Nov. ’18

Control your transportation, control your future.

In Memphis, people spend an average of 29 percent of their income on transportation. And even with that, getting to work can be a challenge. We rely on old or shared cars and try to make sense of complicated bus routes and sketchy transit schedules. What if there were an easier way to get there? When you join MyCityRides, you’re joining a community of people using scooters to get where they need to go in life.

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Go anywhere

Get to work, run errands, meet up with friends – our scooters give you the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want.

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Get there reliably

When you join the program, you’ll own a brand-new, fuel-injected scooter that gets 89 miles per gallon. And, we cover the cost of regular preventative maintenance to keep you tuned up and on the road.

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Save money

It only costs $0.14 per mile to own and operate a scooter. Compare that to the $0.75 per mile it costs to own a sedan, or the $3.50 you’ll spend on a round-trip bus pass. Riding a scooter means having more money to spend on things that really matter.

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Scooting is fun

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of zipping around town on a scooter, the sun on your face and the wind at your back. When’s the last time you had a blast riding the bus or booking an Uber?

Here’s how it works.

Our program lets you own a brand new, motorized scooter through low interest monthly payments. And, you keep your scooter at the end of the contract.

Step 1

Fill out an application

Fill out our online application. When it's approved, you’ll receive an email with a link to sign up for Scooter School.

Step 2

Go to scooter school

During class - you’ll get the instruction and practice you need to prepare for the licensing test and safely own and operate a scooter.

Step 3

Pass your road test

We’ll coordinate a time for you to go to the DMV to test for your Class M Endorsement (the license required to drive a scooter). You’ll take a 30 question written test, then hop on a scooter we provide for a road test.

Step 4

Pick up your scooter

After you pass your test, you'll pick up your scooter and temporary tag. We'll work with you (or your employer) to set up your monthly payments.

Step 5

You're ready to ride

Take to the streets as an official MyCityRides flyer. Ride to work, run errands, participate in our group rides - it's up to you.

Joining our community of flyers is easy. We just require that you:

  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Are at least 18 years old
  • Work at least part time (20 hours/week) or attend school full-time
  • Have a relatively clean driving record (meaning, your annual liability insurance premium meets our program standards)
  • Be employed by your current employer for a minimum of 90 days
Motorized scooter.

Ready to hit the road?

As little as $139 per month covers everything you need (except the road).

  • A brand new scooter
  • Liability insurance required by the state
  • Helmet
  • Armored jacket
  • Riding gloves
  • Regular preventative maintenance
  • License and tags

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We’ll keep you going.

We cover the cost of preventative maintenance during your contract, including oil changes, tune-ups, a set of tires and brake pads. We’ll send you regular maintenance reminders, and schedule times for you to bring your scooter in.

See how much you’ll save when you scoot.

Up to... $ 3,050.00 per year
Buy a Scooter

Get to know your new ride.

Our flyers ride SYM Fiddle III scooters. Sure, they look cool — but they’re also seriously powerful.

Jet 14

36 months as low as $149

Fiddle IV

36 months as low as $139

Used Fiddle III's Available

24 months as low as $90

Tongela Catron

Having my own scooter has been great! I enjoy being out on the open roads, riding around the city and having motorists look at me with curiosity. There’s nothing like owning reliable transportation with exceptional gas mileage that I can park without any issues!

Brittney King

My scooter has been a great investment. I have been able to get a second job and save more than $200 dollars a month instead of taking Lyft or Uber. The biggest benefit to scooting is not having to wait on a ride and it’s great for most weather conditions. My commute is 25 – 30 minutes which gives me the privilege to view the city in a different perspective. MyCityRides is the best thing that has happened in this season of my life. It’s affordable, reliable, convenient, fun, and worth it. Even if you have a car and you want to save gas, no matter what kind of work you do MyCityRides is for you.

Khalil Castal

Scooting grants me freedom with the self-efficacy of having stable, cost-effective transportation. I now have a greater chance to explore all avenues that will help me as a graduating senior. I owe it all to MyCityRides’ mission to make Memphians scoot.