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When you purchase a MyCityRides scooter, you get more than a ride – you help someone else fly.

Front view of a scooter.

Buying a scooter outright helps provide a ride to a Flyer in need.

We sell scooters to people who want to purchase them. And, when you buy a scooter outright, you offset the cost of a scooter, training, insurance and gear for someone going through the lease-to-own program.

As a buyer, you’ll be responsible for getting a Class M driver’s license (it’s the law) but don’t worry, we’ll offer you a free pass to scooter school! You’ll also be responsible for paying for your tags, insurance and gear. We offer stylish gear and reliable maintenance at reasonable rates.

To purchase a scooter, complete the form below.

Then, we’ll set up a time for you to come by our office during business hours to pick out your scooter and complete your paperwork.

See how much you’ll save when you scoot.

Owning a MyCityRides scooter costs about $0.14 per mile. That’s cheaper than owning a car, booking a ride share, or taking the bus round-trip.

Up to... $ 3,050.00 per year
Buy a Scooter

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