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Our program includes a brand new motorized scooter, plus the training, maintenance and gear you need to hit the road.

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Cost of Operating a MyCityRides Scooter
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Cost of Owning a MyCityRides Scooter

See how much you'll save when you scoot.

Owning a MyCityRides scooter costs about $0.14 per mile. That’s cheaper than owning a car, booking a ride share, or taking the bus round-trip.

Up to... $ 3,050.00 per year
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Tongela Carton

Having my own scooter has been great! I enjoy being out on the open roads, riding around the city and having motorists look at me with curiosity. There’s nothing like owning reliable transportation with exceptional gas mileage that I can park without any issues!

Khalil Castal

Scooting grants me freedom with the self-efficacy of having stable, cost-effective transportation. I now have a greater chance to explore all avenues that will help me as a graduating senior. I owe it all to MyCityRides’ mission to make Memphians scoot.